Rating & Review Policy

“Here you find us sitting on a field of victory, amid the plunder of armies, and you wonder how we came by a few well-earned comforts!”

This blog is something I do purely for entertainment.

Any reviews or recommendations I post are books I’ve personally chosen and enjoyed. They are based on my own preferences with the intent to promote stories, authors, and genres I genuinely love.

Therefore, I’m not accepting requests for book reviews by authors or publishers. Nor do I requests ARCs in exchange for reviews. I don’t want to commit to reviewing books I might not enjoy.

On the occasions that I recommend or promote products like, for example, collector’s items, merchandise, or specific book editions, they will be products I already own and purchased on my own initiative.

However, should, Dark Horse Comics decide they want to send me that super exclusive Leshen Statue they have coming out soon, I will consider changing this policy.

How I Rate Books

I rate on a scale of 1- 10. Personally, I feel the 1-5 star rating is too constricting and doesn’t allow enough nuance. With that said, it’s unlikely you’ll see me use any rating below 5. On this blog, I promote books I like. If I don’t enjoy a book, I don’t review it. I include the lower ratings only to show the whole scale.

I don’t do “salty” reviews. If you enjoy reviews that disguise viciousness as humor or encourage personal attacks on an author you won’t find what you’re looking for here. Even the most unqualified author is a person and deserves to be treated with consideration and common decency. I give a more in-depth explanation on how I approach my reviews in this post.

My Ratings

My ratings are reasonably self-explanatory.

1 = My god, how did this shit get published?!
2 = No, really, how?
3 = Meh, I didn’t have anything better to do, so I finished it.
4 = It was decent.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever see me use these. Presumably, these are books I never finished.

5 = It wasn’t a memorable read, but I probably enjoyed it.

This is my average. Any book rated 5 are books I enjoyed enough to finish but probably forgot about as soon as I closed the cover.

6 = I had a good time, I’ll check out the author.
7 = This was great; this book has earned the right to live in my bookcase.

These are books I thoroughly enjoyed but probably had issues with some aspects of the plot, writing, or characterization. Or, possibly, they were books that I thought were well-written but not to my taste.

8 = I’m going to read every single book this author has ever written.
9 = This was fantastic. Point the way to the collector’s edition/ companion/merchandise!
10 = I will eject a shrine and read this book over and over until the day I die.

These are my favorites. My Holy Grail books that are given a place of honor in my bookcase.